Can I go out in the sun after rhinoplasty?

Can I go out in the sun after rhinoplasty?

In general, excessive sun exposure is detrimental for your skin. UV damage can cause sun spots, wrinkles, and discoloration, as well as raise the risk of cancer. Excessive sun exposure increases the likelihood of post-operative problems in plastic surgery patients, as well as severe side effects and lengthier recovery durations. Dr. John R. Griffin, a plastic surgeon in San Mateo, CA, recommends his patients to avoid the sun following surgery. Because your nose is such a prominent facial feature, it’s ideal to prevent any danger of sun damage that could compromise your surgery results. Consider why sun exposure is harmful after rhinoplasty (nose surgery) or nasal contouring. We’ll then provide you tips on how to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.


Excessive Swelling – Heat exposure after surgery might cause swelling to worsen. Because swelling is typical in the days following rhinoplasty, exposure to the sun can cause severe and perhaps deadly facial swelling.

Scarring – When scar tissue is exposed to the sun, it can amplify the appearance of scars. Given that rhinoplasty entails small incisions. All incisions are sometimes done inside the patient’s nostrils to complete the surgery. Even so, it’s recommended to keep the nose out of the sun and stay away from anything that aggravates scar tissue.

Poor Final Results – Because the nose is so fragile following rhinoplasty, any issues or major side effects might have a negative impact on the nose’s final appearance. To avoid the need for revision surgery, it’s essential to stay out of the sun.


For the first two weeks after your rhinoplasty, try to keep out of the sun as much as possible. This will give your nose and face time to heal, as well as a chance to recover from the most extreme side effects.

You’ll need to continue protecting your nose and face from the sun for the next six months to a year once the two-week period is through. This will guarantee that the nose has fully healed, that scars do not worsen, and that the surgery’s final outcome is unaffected.


While six months to a year of sun protection may seem excessive, it’s simply a common sense approach to achieving the best benefits. Fortunately, there are a variety of simple ways to shield oneself from the sun.

Wear a Hat or Visor – The best approach to protect your face from the sun and keep your nose in the shade is to wear a hat with a brim. Always wear a hat outside, especially if you’ll be out for an extended period of time.

Use Nose coat Sunscreen – Nose coats are sunscreens that give extra protection to the nose and cheeks when out in the sun. When you’re going to be outside for an extended period of time, make sure you’re wearing a nose coat.
Apply Sunblock – When going outside, always apply sunblock for general skin care and wellness. You’ll avoid sunburn and UV damage, which means you’ll have a decreased cancer risk.


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