Can I shower after rhinoplasty?

Can I shower after rhinoplasty?

Due to the plaster, glue, and dressing, the dressing should not be wet in any manner in the first week after rhinoplasty because the adhesives rise and lose their value, so take a shower and wash the neck down in the tub in the first week after rhinoplasty. Before going to the doctor at the end of the first week to remove the dressing and apply the adhesive, the patient should take a bath and thoroughly wash his face and head with shampoo, as well as pour water on the adhesives to prepare them for removal by the doctor in the office. Following the doctor’s gluing, the patient is free to bathe normally. However, after bathing and soaking the adhesives, carefully remove them and re-glue according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. I highlight that proper gluing by a doctor twice a week in the office is required for up to two months.

How do you take a thorough bath after rhinoplasty?

One of the most often asked issues following rhinoplasty is how to bathe without damaging the nose or its dressing.
A plaster splint called a splint is used after rhinoplasty to shape the new nose and keep it from moving. It will stay on the nose for up to 7 days to safeguard it. Being in contact and becoming wet will affect the nose’s final appearance, create itching, and eventually lead it to lose its endurance and detach from the nose.

Consider the following before you begin having a bath

Remember that you took a lot of drugs after the operation to reduce the pain, and this position will make you drowsy, so be careful not to slip and smash your nose at the start of the bath. To avoid dizziness, use lukewarm water at low temps. Bending your head down is not a good idea. However, it is preferable to bathe before the operation so that you do not have to go to the bathroom for a few days after the nose surgery and avoid any potential complications. However, it is preferable to go to the bathroom the night before removing the splint to allow the water to reach the splint and loosen it, but do not touch it in any manner until you see your surgeon the next day to have your nasal splint removed. After removing the splint and while the glue is on your nose surgery, you can easily take a bath, but if the glue gets wet and moist, use a hairdryer right after the bath and blow dry the glue with a cold degree wind. However, if the nasal glue gets wet, you can remove it fully in the bath and wash the nose with soap to remove the fat from the skin surface, then glue the nose right away or contact your doctor. Make an appointment to have your nose fixed. You may notice the overall appearance of your nose one week following surgery, after removing the splint and pulling on the nasal sutures, but keep in mind that the desired result will take a long time.

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