Can I yawn after rhinoplasty?

Can I Yawn After Rhinoplasty?

Yes, you can yawn after rhinectomy. Your doctor will instruct you not to yawn during the first few days after your surgery, because this will damage your nasal implant. Instead, avoid extreme facial expressions like yawning or laughing. To avoid causing damage to your new nose, get enough rest and follow the instructions of your surgeon. Besides getting enough rest, you should also avoid yawning while driving or in public. You can try to keep your head up as much as possible.

You will need to rest and avoid excessive facial expressions for a few weeks. Extreme movements like laughing and rhinoplasty will damage your nose. You will also need to avoid touching your face for two weeks after your rhinoplasty. It’s best to stay out of the sun for this period of time. You can, however, smile and sneeze with your mouth wide open for two weeks.

During the first two weeks, you will need to be careful not to yawn. It may seem like a natural reaction, but it can cause the sutures to pull apart. Although yawning is natural, it’s best to limit it to the occasional yawn. You can smile, laugh, or do other facial expressions a couple of weeks after rhinoplasty.

It’s important to plan for the recovery period. After your surgery, you won’t be able to sleep on your stomach. You will need to rest the first night at home and have a responsible adult accompany you. You should make arrangements to have a responsible adult stay with you the night after the surgery. Your surgeon can give you detailed instructions on your recovery. Your surgeon will answer any questions you may have.

After rhinoplasty, you should avoid smoking. The nicotine you consume delays your healing process. During this time, you should refrain from any type of nicotine-containing products. This is because it will increase the risk of infections and blood clots. Additionally, yawning can cause your nose to swell. Your nasal muscles will shrink, and this will cause you to yaw.

You should not exercise until your doctor gives the go-ahead. Performing strenuous physical activity can aggravate the recovery process, so you should wait for the doctor’s OK to exercise. You should also avoid sneezing through your mouth. Sneezing through your mouth is better than damaging the walls in your nose. It will not hurt your new nose.

You should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking during the first two weeks after your procedure. They thin blood and block blood vessels. Therefore, you should not blow your nose or chew food until your nose has healed. If you must, try to chew your gums. This will put pressure on your jaw area and can interfere with your recovery. And don’t forget to keep your head elevated. You should also avoid yawning during the first two weeks after rhinoplasty.

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