How To Choose A Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

How To Choose A Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

It is not a choice to be made lightly when selecting a surgeon who will drastically alter your appearance by reshaping the dominant feature of your face. The choice to get a rhinoplasty or any type of nasal surgery must be made after carefully weighing your choices. There are no short cuts; you must invest the necessary time in your own independent investigation. Although recommendations from friends and coworkers are excellent, you must still base your selection on your own analysis of the relevant material. Before selecting a surgeon for your rhinoplasty treatment, consider the following areas of expertise

Surgical aptitude

The Rhinoplasty surgeon you select should be well-educated, well-trained, and have impressive credentials from esteemed medical and academic organizations. He or she should have a track record of numerous successful operations that may be verified by positive patient reviews. Your chosen surgeon should be able to do closed rhinoplasty procedures, which are much less invasive than open ones, and they should give patients a choice of how to recover.

Official Credentials

The person you select should not only be a doctor but also a surgeon, and they should also hold board certifications from the American Academy of Otolaryngology (AAO), the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPS), and the Rhinoplasty Society, and be authorized to practice in your state (unless you wish to travel to your surgeon for your procedure). If the surgeon you choose has titles or awards from major organizations in the field of rhinoplasty, both their peers and their patients will know about them.

A Creative Approach

Rhinoplasty is both a surgical and an artistic undertaking. The better the surgeon understands beauty and aesthetics in general, the more likely it is that they will be able to provide the desired facial outcomes for you. You should choose a surgeon whose biography shows that he or she is very interested in rhinoplasty as an artistic treatment.

Practical Experience

Verify that the surgeon you select specializes in rhinoplasty and has successfully completed the procedure numerous times. The more rhinoplasty experience your surgeon has, the more familiar they will be with the procedure.Such experience will not only sharpen such abilities, but it will also make your surgery much safer because the doctor will have seen potential issues in the past.


Your confidence in and familiarity with the surgeon as a person will ultimately matter, regardless of how well-regarded the surgeon is or how impressive his or her qualifications are. If you perceive the doctor to be kind and compassionate during your initial session, you will feel secure and assured that the surgeon has your best interests at heart.


Never select a surgeon for a innumerable rhinoplasty without first viewing examples of their work. The majority of doctors have easy access to examples of their work on their websites and even on various social media platforms. You should look at the work your surgeon has done in the past if you want to know what kind of results you can expect in the future.

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