Does rhinoplasty change your smile?

Does rhinoplasty change your smile?

Yes, that’s possible, but how likely is it to happen? No. Your smile may appear slightly different as a result of swelling, although this is usually not a permanent change. Rhinoplasty surgery in Beverly Hills has been and will continue to be one of the most popular plastic surgery operations performed since the nose is a focus point of the face. Many rhinoplasty candidates are concerned about how their smile may alter as a result of the procedure. Because a rhinoplasty restores facial balance and harmony, it’s understandable to be concerned that repairing a hooked nose that you despise can have an impact on the appearance of your smile.

Do you have any energizing advice?

If your nose droops when you grin, you may have what’s known as a “dynamic tip.” If you want to fix this with a rhinoplasty, your cosmetic surgeon may suggest severing the depressor septi muscle, which is located between the nose and the upper lip muscles.

Many patients worry that releasing this muscle may harm their smile permanently, but the depressor septi is not part of the group of muscles that allow you to smile, so an incision here will not prevent your upper lip from moving. Your smile should be safe in the hands of a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon.

If you and your surgeon decide that releasing the depressor septi is required to achieve the desired results, the incision will be very small, and the muscle will reattach during the healing process. Your upper lip’s functionality and sensation may be reduced at this time, but it will return to normal within one to three weeks.

An competent rhinoplasty surgeon will assist you in maintaining your smile

A variety of rhinoplasty techniques can be utilized to accomplish your desired outcomes, whether you want your nose to be reduced in size or reshaped. The most crucial element, however, is the surgeon you choose. You’ll want a plastic surgeon who not only has rhinoplasty experience, but also takes the time to listen to your goals and explain all of your options. With realistic expectations and a reliable staff in place, you’re sure to get outcomes that will make you grin for years.

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