Facial Plastic Surgery Questions and Answers: Part 4

Question: Is this just swelling that still has to go down or do you think a revision rhinoplasty will be required?
Answer: From the limited photographs, it does appear that you have swelling and thick skin in in the Area just above the nasal tip which could be improved with steroid shots. Follow up with your operative surgeon.

Question: Is it safe to get nose fillers after 2 rhinoplasty?
Answer: If you’re contemplating undergoing a revision rhinoplasty, there’s no sense in placing fillers in the nose which will artificially inflate the anatomy for your next plastic surgeon. Fillers placed in the nose are not FDA approved for that application, and can have significant complications.

Question: Do I need mini facelift or liposuction for a more contoured jawline?
Answer: You appear to be too young for any type of mini facelift, and a mini lift will not improve contour irregularities in your neck. A neck lift procedure accomplishes removal of the fat deposits above the platysma muscle in the neck with liposuction, and removal of the fat deposits below the platysma muscle in the neck which also includes a platysma-plasty to significantly improve the jawline. At your age, the skin tone is probably just fine and no skin removal would be necessary.

Question: How can I get a better angle under the chin?
Answer: From the one limited photograph, it appears that there is fat deposits located underneath your platysma muscle which cannot be removed with simple Liposuction. Liposuction can only remove fat deposits above the platysma muscle. A surgical neck lift can accomplish removal of fat below the platysma muscle which also includes a platysma-plasty to significantly improve the jawline. This is a surgical procedure performed a general anesthesia. As long as you’re less than 50 years of age, no skin removal is required.

Question: Am I a good candidate for nonsurgical nose job? Can I narrow it?
Answer: Nonsurgical rhinoplasty will make your nose bigger, not smaller. A closed rhinoplasty approach can accomplish narrowing the entire bridgeline and nasal tip with all the incisions placed on the inside of the nose. An alar plasty involves removing a wedge of skin at the base of the nostrils to narrow the nostrils themselves. Digital computer imaging would be helpful to understand what can be accomplished with your nose upon your facial features.

Question: Female, sagging cheeks, 56kg, age 22, could Morpheus8 help?
Answer: At age 22, you did not have sagging cheeks. You have a recessive chin profile based on the limited side photograph. Consider placement of a small chin implant to augment your chin forward for better facial balance and proportions. In our practice, we place chin implants under local anesthesia, which takes about 30 minutes.

Question: Morpheus8 vs Ultherapy for jowls and neck?
Answer: Minimally invasive treatments are simply not going to accomplish what a surgical lower face lift can accomplish. You have loose and inelastic skin in the neck, platysma muscle cords, and fat deposits located in the neck. A lower face and neck lift accomplishes tightening loose facial and neck skin, tightening loose facial and neck muscles, removal of the fat deposits in your neck with liposuction, lifting the jowls, and performing a platysma plasty to significantly improve your jawline.

Question: Botched septoplasty – Is this worth getting a revision done?
Answer: Much more information is needed, such as an internal examination of the nose to figure out what is causing the nasal obstruction, a copy of the operative report and a full set of facial photograph to make a determination about being a candidate for revision rhinoplasty.

Question: Are my rhinoplasty expectations realistic?
Answer: It appears that you have narrowed your tip and your bridge line which can be accomplished with a Closed rhinoplasty procedure. Thick skin in the tip of the nose will prevent refinement in that area, which must be determined at the time of an in-personal examination. Rhinoplasty is a very difficult endeavor, so in second choose your surgeon wisely based on extensive experience.

Question: How long before I can get rhinoplasty or non surgical rhinoplasty after a septoplasty?
Answer: It’s probably best to wait a few months before undergoing a rhinoplasty after a septoplasty procedure to allow optimum healing. In our practice, we do not recommend nonsurgical rhinoplasty for a variety of reasons.

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