Approach to Revision Rhinoplasty

Approach to Revision Rhinoplasty

Our doctor approaches revision rhinoplasty with great detail. According to him, there is no such thing as a “standard” modification procedure for the nose. Each problem with a patient’s nose and how it affects the patient’s facial appearance are meticulously noted by our surgeons.

Additionally, our doctor takes satisfaction in setting honest and practical expectations for revision rhinoplasty with his patients. Leading authority in the field, our doctor has treated numerous patients who underwent primary rhinoplasty surgeries after being initially given false results promises.

With his patients undergoing revision rhinoplasty, our doctor develops trust.
He is thinking of his patients’ best interests. As a result, our doctor is honest with his patients and establishes reasonable expectations for operations involving revision nose surgery.

What Is a Revision Rhinoplasty with a Natural Look?

A revision rhinoplasty patient’s bone structure, lips, chin, neck, and under-eye region are all carefully inspected by our doctor These facial features should appear in proportion to the nose, according to him.

Our doctor ultimately wants his patients’ eyes to be the center of attention on their face.
A revision rhinoplasty treatment naturally causes the patient’s eyes to become the object of attention when someone stares at them. The crucial element: The patient’s nose strikes the ideal equilibrium between all of his or her facial features.

How to Get Ready for a Revision Rhinoplasty Operation

A patient undergoing a revision rhinoplasty is given preparation advice by our doctor.
The patient is instructed on what to expect the night before and the morning of the revision rhinoplasty. Additionally, our doctor provides advice on aftercare for revision rhinoplasty.

Some drugs may make a revision rhinoplasty patient bleed more than usual while under anesthesia. As a result, our doctor might advise patients undergoing revision rhinoplasty to avoid taking specific medications at least a few weeks before to surgery.

Recovery from a revision rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty recovery recommendations from our doctor include the following:

Use antibiotic salves on surgical incisions twice daily and clean them with hydrogen peroxide once daily. After surgery, apply cold compresses for the first three days before switching to warm compresses on bruising.

After surgery, keep the head elevated for at least a week. This covers any time a patient snoozes, relaxes, or takes a break.

Three to four weeks after surgery, patients can engage in vigorous activity and other rigorous activities. They must get our doctor approval before starting any intense activities again.

Our doctor wants his revision rhinoplasty patients at the CENTER to experience a quick recovery. Our doctor is available to address any queries or worries that may come up while you’re recovering after a revision rhinoplasty.

What Takes Place During the Recovery Period After a Revision Rhinoplasty?

It takes one to two weeks to recuperate from a revision rhinoplasty.
Depending on the degree of swelling and bruising after surgery, a patient might need to take a seven to ten day leave of absence from work. One week after treatment, the patient will have a splint removed from their nose. After a revision rhinoplasty, the vast majority of patients won’t need nasal packing.

Routine follow-ups and a long-term commitment are necessary for revision nose surgery..
Once all internal edema has subsided, one to two years after surgery, the full benefits will become visible. Our doctor will keep in touch with a patient to make sure their development is proceeding as planned. In the first year, he requests three-monthly visits, then once a year after that.

Why Do Patients Pick our doctor in Seattle for Revision Rhinoplasty?

Our doctor is aware of the difficulties posed by both conventional and revision rhinoplasty surgeries. The aim of all rhinoplasty treatments, however, is the same for our doctor: to make sure the patient may take pleasure in a functional nose and a balanced, natural-looking facial appearance. Each patient receives a unique revision rhinoplasty treatment plan from our doctor in order to achieve this goal. After that, our doctor carries out the strategy and assists his patient in receiving the maximum benefits of the revision rhinoplasty procedure.

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