What Is Rhinoplasty?

What Is a Nose Procedure? What You Need to Know

A nose procedure is performed to treat structural issues with the nose, reshape or enlarge the nose, and/or make sure a patient can breathe adequately through their nose. There are various sorts of nose surgery, and the type that is necessary depends on the patient. Nose plastic surgery may be advantageous for those who desire to improve their facial symmetry through a nose procedure. Or, nasal reconstruction may help individuals whose severe nasal injuries make it impossible to breathe via the nose.
In order to assist a patient in choosing a safe, efficient method to get the best treatment outcomes, our surgeon conducts a full evaluation. Our surgeon can evaluate a patient’s nose and other facial features as well as their treatment objectives if they are thinking about having a nose job or another type of nose surgery. He can then make a recommendation for a specific nasal operation treatment.

Types of Nose Surgeries

Rhinoplasty in the Middle East

What Is an Oriental Rhinoplasty?
Middle Eastern rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as ethnic rhinoplasty, is a broad term for a variety of nose jobs.
It is intended to assist people in enhancing their facial features while preserving their distinctive ethnic facial characteristics.
There are numerous Middle Eastern nose jobs available, including: Arab nose jobs, Indian nose jobs, Iranian nose jobs, etc.

Asian nose surgery

The Asian Rhinoplasty: What Is It?
The aim of both an Asian nose job and a traditional nose job is the same: to create a nose that is harmonious with a person’s face. Asian rhinoplasty is a subset of traditional rhinoplasty surgery.
Asian nose surgery addresses and maintains the distinctive face traits of each ethnic group.

Hispanic nose surgery

A Hispanic Nose Job: What Is It?
Hispanic rhinoplasty is a type of nose surgery created especially for people of Hispanic descent.
It takes into account the unique facial characteristics of Hispanic patients, so that they can enhance their facial appearance without worrying about compromising their ethnic identity.
There are numerous Hispanic nose job procedures accessible,…

Rhinoplasty in African Americans

What Is a Rhinoplasty for African Americans?
African American rhinoplasty, a subtype of primary rhinoplasty, provides African Americans with a secure, successful cosmetic nose surgery.
It enables one to improve the facial appearance by altering the nose, which is possibly the most obvious feature of the face.
Frequently, an African American rhinoplasty…

Reconstruction of the nose

Nasal reconstruction: What is it?
The most frequent causes of nasal reconstruction include skin cancer, accidents, nasal collapse, and nose trauma, to name a few.
Our surgeon is in charge of a group of plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists that deliver some of the most cutting-edge nasal reconstruction outcomes possible to help these patients recover with the least amount of nasal deformity.

Revision rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is nose surgery done on a previous rhinoplasty patient who either didn’t get the results they wanted or had their nasal function damaged.
The process aids the patient in enhancing the nose’s appearance and making sure that the nose harmonizes with the rest of the face.
Additionally, if the nasal function was previously compromised, it aids the patient in regaining it.
Due to the complexity of revision rhinoplasty, our surgeon devotes a lot of time and resources to helping patients who need this type of nose job.
Before, during, and after a revision rhinoplasty, our surgeon makes sure each patient has a lot of support.
He works hard to ensure that every revision rhinoplasty patient enjoys the advantages of a functioning, natural-looking nose that enhances the facial features.

Teenage Rhinoplasty

Teenage rhinoplasty helps an adolescent address other facial abnormalities, repair a significant nasal hump, lift a sagging nasal tip, and restore facial symmetry.
Girls can get a teen nose job as early as 16 or 17, while boys can have a teen nose job as early as 17 or 18. Our surgeon determines whether a patient is a good candidate for nose surgery by speaking with the patient and his or her parents prior to a teenage nose surgery.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic Rhinoplasty: What Is It?
When undergoing plastic surgery, particularly rhinoplasty, many patients attempt to maintain their ethnic identity. However, the majority of plastic surgeons focus narrowly on the “American” nose type when performing Rhinoplasty procedures.
These surgeons disregard the fact that individuals’ noses vary according on their ethnicity and have particular characteristics…


A Nose Procedure: What Is It?
What You Should Know A nose procedure is performed to fix structural problems with the nose, resize or alter the nose, and/or make sure a patient can breathe properly through their nose. There are various sorts of nose surgery, and the kind of procedure that is necessary differs

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