Teenage Rhinoplasty

Teenage Rhinoplasty

Uncomfortable noses with a prominent hump or prominence are common among teenagers. It may even result in humiliation and taunting, as well as low self-esteem. Like a typical nose job, an adolescent rhinoplasty allows a patient to resize or reshape their nose and ensure it complements their chin, forehead, and other facial features. Teenagers who undergo this procedure may also experience a boost in self-confidence at a crucial juncture in their lives.

Seattle Nose Surgeon is a prominent teen rhinoplasty practitioner in Seattle. Our facial surgeons have advanced knowledge in teen nose jobs and are board certified. They make sure that each youngster who has had teen nose surgery can achieve their objectives for facial rejuvenation care.

What Is a Teenage Rhinoplasty?

In order to contour the nose and improve nasal function, primary rhinoplasty is used. Teenage rhinoplasty, on the other hand, is a specific kind of rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty surgery is becoming increasingly frequent among American youths. The operation can make the nose look better and enhance the facial features. Additionally, it can correct anatomical abnormalities with the nose that impair breathing. Teenage rhinoplasty is a complicated treatment. The procedure can have a number of positive effects when carried out by a skilled facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon like Dr. Portuese or Dr. Shvidler.

Benefits of Teen Rhinoplasty

A patient who has a teen nose job can: Remove a noticeable nose hump Reposition a drooping nasal tip. narrow the nostrils accentuate nasal symmetry boosted their self-assurance increase in breathing (septoplasty) Enhance facial symmetry Teenage rhinoplasty may have important advantages. The risks of the procedure must also be taken into account by the patient.

Risks of Teen Nose Jobs Teenage nose surgery has some risks, including:




Swelling irreversible nerve damage

The pros and cons of a teenage rhinoplasty must be carefully considered by the teen and their parents. In light of this, before agreeing to do a teenage nose surgery, our doctors ask for a consultation with the teen and their parents. During the initial session, he describes the advantages and disadvantages of teenage rhinoplasty. Teenagers and their parents can also get answers to their queries about rhinoplasty at this time.

What to Expect During a Teenage Rhinoplasty Treatment Consultation

Teens must meet with our doctors first, together with their parents, in order to be eligible for nose surgery. For girls, the minimal age for rhinoplasty surgery is 15 or 16 years old, while for boys, the minimum age is 16 or 17 years old. However, if a patient is under the age of 18, their parents must give their permission for nose surgery even if they fulfill the minimum age requirement for rhinoplasty. Both parents’ and their children’s lives are drastically altered by the decision to have rhinoplasty. In order to consider the benefits and drawbacks of nose surgery, parents and their children should collaborate. Our surgeons assist parents and teenagers in eliminating uncertainty regarding rhinoplasty. To answer worries and inquiries about rhinoplasty, he provides thorough patient examinations. In doing so, he makes it simple for parents and teenagers to make an informed decision about rhinoplasty. Additionally, whether a procedure is performed on a man, woman, or teen, our surgeons employ a thorough approach to rhinoplasty. He meets with patients and goes over different rhinoplasty choices with them. After that, our doctor makes individualized rhinoplasty treatment suggestions.

Are You a Candidate for Teen Rhinoplasty Surgery?

It is best to wait until a patient has finished growing before doing an adolescent rhinoplasty treatment. The nose of a teenager should only be operated on after the nasal anatomy has fully matured. Our physician wants his teen rhinoplasty patient to have a nose that is in accordance to the rest of their facial features. While performing surgery, our doctors work hard to give each patient a nose that appears natural. Thus, once our doctor performs a rhinoplasty, a teen’s friends won’t be able to detect that he or she had a nose job.

Teenage Nose Jobs: Things to Consider

Before a teen has a nose job, there are many things to take into account, such as:

Age: Teenage nose job surgery should wait till the patient has stopped developing before being done. Teens can be assessed by our surgeon to see if they are anatomically prepared for the procedure.
Communication is key to helping an adolescent comprehend how a rhinoplasty is carried out, how long the recuperation period lasts, and what outcomes are possible. Our doctor maintains open channels of communication with patients who have undergone teen nose jobs and their parents. Additionally, he promotes interaction and cooperation between parents and teenagers throughout the course of treatment. It is crucial that all people engaged in a teenage rhinoplasty treatment plan obtain the accurate information about surgery. Teenagers are given information on rhinoplasty surgery by our surgeon, who also keeps in touch with them, their parents, and other family members as the procedure progresses.

Teens’ self-confidence can be harmed by a broad or rough nose. However, an adolescent can fix this issue with a nose job. This can boost a teen’s self-confidence and help them feel terrific about the way their nose and facial features look.

Time Frame:

In most circumstances, summer is the greatest time for a teenager to get nose surgery. Teenagers frequently decide to get rhinoplasty surgery in the summer, between their senior year of high school and the start of their first fall semester of college. Teenagers have plenty of time to recover thanks to this before beginning the exciting next phase of their lives!

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