Will a nose job make me prettier?

Will a nose job make me prettier?

When I was a teen, I broke my nose, resulting in a massive lump (dorsal hump). I despised it since it was somewhat crooked. I attracted a lot of attention because of my appearance, and people told me I was attractive despite my nose, which they said they didn’t notice. Even so, I couldn’t get my mind off it; I was convinced it was becoming worse over time, and it wasn’t until last year that I was able to afford a rhinoplasty. I didn’t notice a significant difference in how others regarded me subsequently in my instance. However, the surgery was well worth it for me because I feel so much better about myself now, even if no one else notices. My advise is to do it for yourself, not for others, if you decide to do something about it. Is it possible to improve your appearance with a nose job? Yes. Yes, I believe so. Choose your doctor carefully; it’s worth it to spend a little more for results you’ll be delighted with.

After a nose job, you’ll be much better off

According to a new study, casual observers may believe that patients who undergo these treatments are more handsome, successful, and healthy. Patients choose rhinoplasty for two primary reasons: to better their own self-perception and how others see them “she stated “The second one had to be measured. The patients’ post-operative outcomes were deemed “optimal” by the researchers. They showed the observers photographs obtained before and after the nose reshaping. However, they never stated whether the photographs were “before” or “after,” and the observers never viewed more than one of the same patient.

The impact of rhinoplasty on the sense of beauty

Experts in nasal cosmetics and surgery believe that aesthetic rhinoplasty improves patients’ overall facial appearance and their perception of youth. In the international literature, this “assumed truth” has never been verified. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to restore nasal harmony in a patient. Surgeons believe that following the procedure, patients will appear younger and prettier. This statement may appear self-evident, yet there is no statistical analysis in the international literature to back it up. The goal of our research was to show that following primary rhinoplasty, impartial judges’ perceptions of the beauty and youth of patients aged 25–50 years improved. The significance of our findings is statistically significant.


The current study comprised 30 patients who had primary rhinoplasty between 2009 and 2011 at Hospital de Clinicas and the CECHIN otolaryngology center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We used front, profile, and 34-angle pictures of the patients’ faces. The patients who were chosen had common flaws such nose tip drop and nasal dorsum hump. Open rhinoplasties using redistributive and non-resective procedures were used in all of the instances. 1. Before and after each patient’s operation (at least 6 months), photographs were taken. All of the photos were taken with the same camera by the same person in the same light circumstances, in the same setting, and from the same perspective and distance. The images were transferred to Microsoft PowerPoint slides (2 displayed per patient, one preoperative and one postsurgical).

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